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Janis C. Brewer, MBA

Jaklyn Brookman

Rebecca Brown

Yvonne Day-Rodriguez

Galen El-Askari

Nancy Facher, LCSW, MPH

Mony Flores-Bauer

Kristen Gardner

Kate Harrison

Wendy C. Horikoshi, MS

Joanne C. May Kliejunas

Lisa Korwin

Ann Lehman

Mariana Moore

Lyn Paleo

Marti Roach

Merry Selk

Janey Skinner

Judith Stein

Patricia St. Onge


Bauer Consulting

Brookman Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Community Health

El-Askari & Associates

Evaluation Research and Training

Facilitation, Planning and Fund Development Services

Further the Work

Kate Harrison Consulting

Korwin Consulting

Janis Brewer Consulting

Mariana Moore Consulting

Philanthropic and Nonprofit Consulting

Psychotherapy and Training

Rhino Associates

Selk Communications

Seven Generations Consulting

Transformative Leadership

Y•Day Designs

Zimmerman Lehman


Progressive Consultants Network of the East Bay

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